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Bradley County Duct Cleaning

Bradley County Duct CleaningDuct cleaning is essential to homeowners in the Bradley County area. Filters get clogged with dirt and hair which in turn traps mois... READ MORE

Fire + Water = Mold Growth

After a home suffers from fire damage it then suffers a water damage. Firefighters put out the fire leaving behind wet materials and a lot of humidity. The corn... READ MORE

Lee University Housing Mold Damage

Lee University Housing Mold DamageLearning biology hand on at the local university is not what the women in this off campus housing had in mind. But when t... READ MORE

Dirty Grease Fire in Bradley County

Dirty Grease Fire in Bradley CountyWe are still not sure how the fire started in this commercial property but it could have been all the buildup of grease and d... READ MORE

Pipe Break Floods Bathroom

Pipe Break Floods BathroomThis commercial building in the Cleveland area flooded after the pipe broke at the seam of one of the urinals. There was too much wate... READ MORE

Little Office Water Damage

Little Office Water DamageA small water damage had resulted in the offices of this University in Bradley County. The water came in from the hall bathroom where ... READ MORE

Charleston Kitchen Restoration

Charleston Kitchen RestorationFlooding in this kitchen was the reason for it to have to close its business for a couple of days. The water damaged the flooring ... READ MORE

Flooding and Flood Cuts in Commercial Property

Flooding and Flood Cuts in Commercial PropertyThe amount of flooding that resulted from Hurricane Harvey was devastating. SERVPRO of Bradley County had the oppo... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey Commercial Damage

Hurricane Harvey Commercial DamageBecause of the amount of damage that resulted from Hurricane Harvey SERVPRO of Bradley County was asked to send all available ... READ MORE

Water Leak Turns Into Mold Damage

Water Leak Turns Into Mold DamageThe water damage that resulted in the upstairs of this South Cleveland home was not mitigated right away causing mold damage to... READ MORE