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Grease Fire Do’s and Don’ts

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

Grease fire in a pan When oil gets too hot and is unattended, a grease fire can occur.

Do's and Don'ts in the Case of a Grease Fire

Mouthwatering, salty, greasy French fries cook on your stovetop in Hopewell, TN. All of a sudden, the smell turns from delectable to dangerous as the smoke fills your home. What happened? When oil gets too hot and is unattended, a grease fire can occur.


Know the correct actions to take:

  • If the fire has spread beyond the pot or appears out of control, immediately get to safety and call 911. Inform the operator that you suspect a grease fire.
  • If the fire is small and contained, first turn off the heat source.
  • Use a metal lid to cover the pot. It is a good idea to keep this handy on the counter every time you cook with oil. Cutting off the fire’s oxygen supply is the quickest way to stop the blaze in its tracks.
  • Pour baking soda or salt on the fire. This works best on a small, contained fire.
  • A Class B or Class K fire extinguisher may be used. A multipurpose extinguisher is acceptable if it includes B, such as ABC.


Some actions do not work or make the situation worse:

  • Never use water to douse the flames. Water may be your first thought when you see a fire, but in this case it is the absolute wrong choice. Water does not mix with oil, and this mistake causes an explosion of grease and fire.
  • Do not pour flour on the fire.
  • Do not try to fan the fire out. Fire craves oxygen, and this action feeds the flames and causes the oil to splash to other areas.
  • Do not try to move the pot that is on fire, as this might spread the grease onto you or other surfaces of your home.

If you experience a grease fire at your home in Hopewell, TN there is more at risk than just burnt French fries. Know the correct actions to take, and which to avoid. After a fire, if there is damage to your home contact your insurance agent to ensure coverage. As soon as possible, call a fire restoration specialist to begin the process of fire cleanup and recovery.

A Safe Workplace During Mold Removal

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold spots on white wall Mold damage

Keeping the Workplace Safe During Mold Removal

Charleston, TN, business owners know that time is money, so shutting down operations in order to have mold growth removed could cut into profits. A reputable restoration company knows this and will work with you to minimize disruption and health risks during mold removal. There are several things they do, depending on the size of the affected area, to ensure you and your employees stay safe as they clear up black mold or other types.

Small Areas of Mold

An area of mold is considered small when it’s between 10 and 100 feet square. If the mold area in your place of business falls within these measurements, mold removal specialists will likely do the following:

  • Use a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum to clean the area of dust and particles.
  • Place polyethylene sheeting around the area to isolate it.
  • Stick the sheeting down with duct tape or attach it to metal or wood framing to ensure mold spores don’t spread.

This could be enough for an area that’s under 10 square feet to protect the uncontaminated areas of your workplace while they do their work. A larger area, however, will usually require a negative air pressure system. This funnels air into the area affected by black mold but doesn’t let it flow out.

Large Areas of Mold

Mold areas that are larger than 100 feet square can still be taken care of efficiently. Restoration specialists will likely surround the space with a double layer of polyethylene sheets to strengthen the barrier between the area and your offices. They should use an air filtration system strong enough to efficiently cover the contaminated area.

Don’t worry about workers allowing mold spores to spread into the rest of your workspace, because they’ll likely create a decontamination chamber. This is an area between the contaminated area and the rest of your office where the specialists can properly vacuum and clean their equipment.

If you have areas of mold in your business, call in mold removal professionals right away. They can work with you to minimize disruption and have you back up and running as quickly as possible.

3 Steps To Take After Water Damages Your Home

7/17/2021 (Permalink)

Wooden flooring of a home, door of a home Wood flooring cannot be wet for long periods of time as it will begin to warp and cup.

Water Damage In A Home

Whether broken pipes, faulty water lines or flooding causes water to invade your South Cleveland, TN home, the results can be devastating. Electrical systems, furniture and expensive appliances may become waterlogged, and unreplaceable items like photo albums and documents may be ruined. While water damage can be difficult to overcome, there are a few actions you can take until a professional storm cleanup and restoration company arrives to lend a hand.

1. Make Safety a Priority

If the flood was caused by a faulty appliance or broken pipes, enter the area carefully. Wear rubber boots and gloves, turn off the water lines and, if you are certain it is safe, cut the power to affected rooms. Hold off on removing items unless they are in imminent danger of being ruined, and then seal off the room to prevent the water from spreading into other rooms.

2. Call Your Insurance Agent

If you have flood insurance that is separate from your homeowners' policy, call your agent right away and let him or her know what has happened. Starting a claim as soon as possible can help your agent be more efficient in filing and may get coverage funds to you more quickly. Ask your agent what else is required of you at the outset, and take the information down in detail so you do not forget any important points.

3. Call for Water Removal

If you are dealing with flood waters, calling in flood mitigation and water cleanup services can be a safe and efficient way to deal with water damage. The professionals who work for these companies can advise you on what parts of your home need to be repaired, how to clean and sanitize items damaged in the flood and remove contaminated water for proper disposal.

When water damage impacts your South Cleveland, TN home, it is hard to know where to begin when it comes to cleanup efforts. However, taking a few simple steps can get the process started and help you assess which areas of your home need the most attention.

Securing Your Business After a Fire

7/16/2021 (Permalink)

Door and windows of a commercial building board up Contact a fire remediation company to perform boarding-up services.

Secure Your Property After Fire Damage

When a major fire shuts your business down in Cleveland, TN it can result in additional damage and losses unrelated to the original accident. Fire damage may leave large holes in your walls and roof, exposing inventory, equipment and other valuables not only to further damage from the elements but also to theft. Unfortunately, disaster can attract the worst sort of people and looting is common when a business has been compromised by fire. Even worse, most insurance policies will not cover losses due to theft after a fire so it’s up to you to secure your property.

Preventing Fires

The best thing you can do is prevent fires from occurring in the first place. The following precautions can reduce the chances of fire and minimize damage if one occurs.

  • Keep electrical cords in good condition
  • Turn off electrical appliances before closing for the day
  • Keep work areas free of flammable materials
  • Check smoke detectors to make sure they’re working
  • Don’t place flammable materials near coffee makers, heaters, computers, or copiers
  • Install a sprinkler system

What You Can Do After a Fire

Once a fire has already occurred, there are still things you can do to protect your investment. Boarding up large openings in the structure can prevent invaders from entering. Sheets of plastic placed over these areas can further ensure that rain, snow and wind don’t wreak havoc on the contents of the building. You don’t need to do the work yourself. The fire damage remediation company in Cleveland, TN you contact to handle fire cleanup and restoration should also offer boarding up services. They can usually get to work as soon as the fire department has assessed the safety of the building.

Fire damage is difficult enough on a business without adding theft or water damage to the original problem. As soon as a fire takes place, contact a fire remediation company to perform boarding-up services so that your investment is safe from further harm.

Top 3 Things To Do After Your Home Floods

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

Wet floor inside a home. Concept of water damage. Water damage in a Charleston, TN home.

What To Do After Your Home Floods

Whether the cause is broken pipes or heavy rains, recovering from this household disaster requires lots of work. The biggest issue you face is water damage. It wreaks havoc on everything from carpets to furniture. Getting your life back in order requires a major water cleanup. There are steps you can take to make this process run smoothly.

1. Turn Off the Power

Entering a home post-flood has potential risks. The combination of water and electricity can result in serious injury. So, shutting off the power is needed for your safety. It’s best that you have an electrician do this for you. However, you can do it yourself as long as the power source you’re turning off isn’t wet or located in standing water. Make sure you wear gloves and rubber boots for additional protection.

2. Call Your Insurance Agent

Your homeowner's policy may help cover the cost of the water damage. A claims adjuster will come to your home and assess the damages. Before the adjuster arrives, have before and after photos of your belongings. This helps the insurance company determine the cost of damages. Additionally, the agency may recommend a repair and restoration company to help return your home to its pre-flood condition.

3. Start Cleaning Up

Wet items must be dealt with immediately. Excessive moisture in your home can lead to mold and mildew. Remove your valuables from the water and let them air dry. Porous items such as pillows, box springs and mattresses are usually thrown away because they hold lots of water. Professional restoration services handle major projects like removing flooring, insulation and drywall.

Broken pipes, floods and water damage can turn your life upside down. By taking the right steps you can return things back to normal. One of the most important things you can do is to have trained remediation technicians in Charleston, TN, assist you with the water cleanup.

How Ozone Gets That Cigarette Smell Out of Your Home

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

Ozone generator A typical ozone machine is an excellent tool for removing cigarette smells.

What Are Ozone Machines?

Ozone machines are among the top tools used by professionals in Charleston, TN, for home deodorization. They’re especially prominent when it comes to cigarette removal, as they eliminate the baked-in scent of tobacco smoke from walls, floors and ceilings more completely than any other product out there. However, there are some things you should know about these deodorizing tools:

  • They don’t just push smoke out of your home
  • The amount you must use depends on the size of the issue
  • They can be dangerous

Ozone's Power

Ozone machines don’t just create a breeze that pushes smoke out of your home. Rather, ozone gas is powerful enough to destroy particles and microbes that lead to the formation of foul odors. When you smoke, it’s the tar and other particles that built up on the walls that create the smoke odor, so using ozone to remove these unwanted substances is the best way to remove the odor altogether.

The Right Amount

As you might expect, the amount of ozone you’ll need to use in a room to thoroughly deodorize it depends on both the size of the space in question and the severity of the issue. For example, a small room with only slight smoke damage will require far less ozone gas to resolve than a sprawling room with heavy damage.

Necessary Precautions

You can certainly rent one of these machines to use on your own, but ozone gas is not without its dangers. If it’s strong enough to destroy particles in cigarette smoke, imagine the damage it can do to an unprotected set of lungs. That’s why it’s usually best to leave this part of your home deodorization process to the professionals in most cases.

A typical ozone machine is an excellent tool for removing cigarette smells and other smoke odors from a home. However, before you look for one, you should always perform research to ensure you’re doing things safely.

How Do I Deduct Storm Damage on My Taxes?

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

Tree fallen on the roof of a property. Roof damaged by storm Roof destroyed by storm damage in South Cleveland, TN.

Finally, the past year is behind you. Your business in South Cleveland, TN, suffered serious storm damage. After partnering with your commercial insurance agent and a storm restoration specialist, your business is back and better than ever. But, now it is tax time and you have questions. Is the damage tax deductible? If so, how do you deduct the damage on your commercial income taxes?

How To Know What Is Deductible

Taxes are confusing for many people, and business owners are no exception. What aspects of the storm damage to your property are tax deductible?

  • Before you consider the costs of the damage, remember that commercial property insurance is also deductible on your business taxes. With that being said, you cannot deduct the funds that were covered, or reimbursed, by your insurance company.
  • If you have damage to your business and personal property from the same natural disaster or event, you may only be able to deduct the business loss.
  • You can deduct the loss from damage whether you itemize or not.
  • For a presidential declared disaster, there may be flexibility in terms of the tax year you deduct the loss.

How To Claim the Tax Deduction

There is a process for claiming a tax deduction for damage to your commercial property. What does this include?

  • Complete the Casualties and Thefts IRS Form 4684.
  • Only deduct the property loss, not loss of income.
  • Prepare to provide documentation of ownership, including initial cost of the damaged property.
  • Purchase replacement property within the tax year if you end up with a gain after factoring in insurance reimbursement, or you may end up paying taxes on the gain.

Owning a business in South Cleveland, TN means paying taxes. When your commercial property experiences storm damage, this complicates your tax situation. Understand what is deductible, and what necessary to complete the process to provide the most benefit to you and your company.

Advantages of Hiring a Certified Professional To Clean Up Water in Your Office

7/11/2021 (Permalink)

Standing water on floor, flooded building Flooded office building in Cleveland, TN.

Advantages of Hiring a Certified Professional To Clean Up Water in Your Office

As a key figure in your company, you understand the joys and challenges that come with managing a work environment. Inevitably, problems will arise at some point, even environmental issues that need repairs. You can probably handle some of these with on-site staff, but for the toughest jobs in your Cleveland, TN, office, you need a qualified specialist to lend his or her expertise. If you have extensive water cleanup needs following a flood, a professional can help resolve the matter thoroughly and completely.

They Have the Tools

For big jobs such as flooding from a broken pipe, you need the best equipment to address the situation. A certified professional can bring industrial-strength tools to clean up your water and any damage that has occurred. An expert usually has the following at his or her disposal:

  • Commercial-grade wet vacuums
  • High-powered dryers to effectively dry all areas and surfaces
  • Effective cleaning and sanitizing agents

You likely won’t have access to all of this equipment in your workplace.

They Have the Skills

You’ve probably developed quite the proficiency for repairs and cleanup jobs, but hopefully, you haven’t had to deal with too many water cleanup issues in your building. Certified water damage experts, on the other hand, work with these situations every day. Through extensive practice and hands-on application, they have developed the necessary skills and competency to resolve even the biggest challenges in Cleveland, TN, businesses.

They Have the Expertise

It’s one thing to have some knowledge of flood cleanup and to have helped out few times with water damage issues. But when you call a professional water damage expert, you’re getting someone on your side who has probably helped numerous commercial customers over the course of several years or even a few decades. Don’t chance this important job to just anyone. You need a competent pro.

If flooding in your office building requires a massive water cleanup effort, trust a certified expert to come to the rescue. You’ll be grateful to get your office back to a safe condition where you and your employees can work effectively.

How To Choose a Residential Fire Extinguisher

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

Fire extinguishers isolated on white background. Various types of extinguishers. 3d illustration. Types of fire extinguishers

Types of Fire Extinguishers

A home fire extinguisher is an essential piece of fire preparedness equipment. Residential fire extinguishers tend to contain dry chemicals and may be rated class A, B, C, or a combination of these classifications.

• Class A extinguishers are suitable for ordinary combustibles.
• Class B extinguishers are designed for fires involving flammable liquids.
• Class C extinguishers are effective for electrical fires.

Other letter classes include D for combustible metals and K for cooking combustibles. Many home extinguishers are designated A:B: C, meaning they are capable of suppressing, if not putting out, all of these types of fires. An A:B: C fire extinguishers can help you protect your property and prevent yourself and other residents from sustaining severe fire-related injuries.

Whether you are upgrading your home safety equipment or just need to replace your extinguisher, in addition to selecting the class of extinguisher, you may also select either a disposable or rechargeable canister design.

  • Disposable extinguishers have plastic valves and are intended to be used once and then replaced.
  • Rechargeable extinguishers feature metal valves and cost more upfront, but less to refill than buying a replacement disposable extinguisher.

Try to strike a balance between the size and weight of the extinguisher you choose and your ability to wield it reliably in the event of an emergency. The weight of an extinguisher is determined by the chemicals in the canister and the canister materials.

With the right home fire extinguisher, you may be able to put out small fires before the firefighters arrive or at least suppress the flames enough so that all residents can safely evacuate. Only trained firefighters can determine whether a fire is fully extinguished and no longer poses a danger. You should still call 911 to report any fire incident in your home. If you do experience a severe fire, contact a residential damage restoration company located near Cleveland, TN.  

Advantages of Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

Roof of a home on flames Severe fire damage on a roof of a house

SERVPRO Technicians are Certified to Deal with the Aftermath of a Fire

Hopefully, you will not experience a fire in your home, but if you do it is imperative to begin cleanup and repair immediately. The more time goes by, the better chances of mold and mildew growth to appear from fire and water damage. When mold and mildew begin growing, cleanup efforts are far more problematic and dangerous.
Hiring professional fire restoration services, like SERVPRO, for a fire damage event in South Cleveland, is the best action to take. They have the licensing, experience and equipment to handle any fire restoration job. When you are thinking if fire restoration services are needed, it is helpful to have good information about them and what they do for you and your family.
One of the first steps that a professional restoration company does when there is damage in your home is to take a damage assessment. This generally involves examining your home, both inside and outside to give homeowners an estimate for the cost to clean, repair, and restore your home to a pre-fire condition.
The next step is to begin cleaning up by removing water, soot, and ash. This involves using specialized equipment, like air movers, dehumidifiers, and special vacuum cleaners. Smoke and water can seep into drywall and soak the carpeting. If so, it may be necessary to remove these items to get rid of the smoky smell.
Regardless of the scope of the work needed, hiring professional fire restoration services to repair and restore your home is worth any cost to bring you and your family back home. Fire restoration services help you by cleaning, repairing, and restoring your home.
Contact your locally owned and operated remediation company – SERVPRO of Bradley County. We are dedicated to responding faster to any size disaster with the training, equipment, and experience to respond to your restoration or cleaning needs.