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How Flood Water Is Considered Black Water

3/19/2018 (Permalink)

When water floods your Cleveland, TN business, you may have to consider how safe that water is to maneuver through. Maybe you have items that you need to gather or save. If you have ever been through a flood, you may have heard the term black water. This is the third category of water and the most dangerous. Here is what you need to know about flood water and when to be concerned with contaminated water.

Gray and White Water

The first two categories of water are the cleanest and safest to wade through. Gray water may have cleaning or cooking agents in it. Often, dishwashers backing up or washers leaking lead to gray water floods. While not completely clean, this water can usually be reabsorbed into the ground. It’s not dangerous. Category one, on the other hand, is even cleaner and more pure. This is clean flood water.

Black Water

The difference between black water and the other categories is the disease-causing pathogens that it can contain. This is because the water encounters human waste. This can be from the bathroom plumbing backing up, a sewage leak or even extensive flooding that will bring water from outside your business into the interior. Once the water is contaminated, you should not enter it without the proper equipment or without a professional to aid you in the process.

Flood Water

Floodwaters are not always contaminated. However, after a couple of days, they often are. If there is any risk from a sewer backup or if mold has already begun to grow, you could have a larger scale problem on your hand. When flooding is extensive outside and begins to enter the building, the water usually already was exposed to human waste.

When dealing with contaminated water, a professional is your safest bet. Never wait around when handling storm damage. Your business can lose money if the damage is not taken care of quickly. Visit for more information on commercial storm damage. 

Where To Find Mold

2/21/2018 (Permalink)

If you own a commercial building, then you know there is a lot of upkeep to keep track of. Maintenance is important to keeping your building healthy. So what do you do if the mildew smell creeps up on you in your Cleveland, TN business? How do you locate it? Here are three places you should check if you suspect mold.

1. Water Heaters

When searching for visible mold, the water heater is the number one place to check. Sometimes a heater will leak around the base. This can lead to mold growth on walls, flooring and objects nearby. If you smell it but still cannot see it, then you may need to consider mold testing.

2. Air Conditioners

If that mildew smell is running amok in your business, it might be time to check the air conditioners. Condensation from air conditioners can sometimes grow mildew and mold. When this happens, spores can easily spread. Make sure to check the vents and units regularly, especially if you start to smell something musty.

3. Bathrooms

Bathrooms in commercial buildings tend to be hot spots for visible mold. The water from faucets, pipes and toilets can lead to unwanted spores. If your employees or customers begin complaining about a mildew smell coming from the bathroom, then it’s probably time to investigate. Mold can grow behind toilets, under sinks, behind faucets and in any area where water may collect.

When you have mold in your business, it could have an impact on your bottom line. Clients and customers may turn away due to mold if they happen to see it. This is why it’s important for you, as a business owner, to make sure that there isn’t any mildew growing. When it does happen, don’t risk the chance of it spreading. The best way to handle it is with specialists trained in mold remediation.
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Protection After a Fire: Safeguarding Your Business Assets

2/14/2018 (Permalink)

Suffering a fire in your Cleveland, TN commercial property is one of the worst disasters you can face. The fire damage is bad enough, but unfortunately, the situation can be further darkened by looting. You can prevent both events from completely destroying your company by planning ahead. A fire restoration company skilled in fire cleanup may provide board-up services for buildings ravaged by a blaze. By securing the remaining structure in this and other ways, you help safeguard inventory and equipment from would-be thieves looking to profit from your misfortune. Here are ways to protect your commercial facility after a fire.

• Cover all openings. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in the aftermath of a fire, so turn to professional restorers who offer immediate services for boarding up windows and missing walls and placing tarps on damaged roofs. This can protect assets inside the structure and guard against future damage while providing security to the vulnerable facility. It also can give you a little peace of mind during a trying time.

• Talk to the fire department. Utilities in your building—electricity, water and gas—may be unsafe to use. Make sure to ask the fire department before everyone leaves. If the services are not safe, firefighters may have to turn them off.

• Inform law enforcement. Let police know your building has burned and is vacant, and request security patrols to discourage looting.

After the fire is extinguished, these steps can help you recover from fire damage.

A Last Word on Post-Blaze Protection

Fire damage to property, equipment and inventory is enough of a nightmare for business owners and managers without looting compounding the situation. Damaged walls, roofs and missing windows also let in the elements, which can cause further destruction. Many responsible companies are in contact with experts in fire cleanup, but they may not know these same professionals may offer immediate board-up and tarp placement services to minimize damage and make a dark situation a little lighter.
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Reduce Cigarette Odors for Good

2/7/2018 (Permalink)

Cigarette smoke can be one of the most difficult odors to remove from a home. Vapors can end up everywhere. Air vents, ceilings, walls, furniture and even cabinets can end up afflicted by cigarette odor. Sometimes, you may even need a specialist to help you out with home deodorization.

1. Hire a Professional

When it comes to getting rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, you may wonder why you need a professional team to help. The truth is that smoke of any type can be a challenge to remove entirely from a residence. When homeowners undergo efforts on their own, they may miss vital steps, or will not have the equipment to complete the job. A professional will help guarantee that the job is done quickly and correctly.

2. Get an Assessment

Assessments are important in all areas of home deodorization. This includes cigarette smoke removal. As you look through the furniture or linen you should remove, a restoration team can help you make the right choices. Assessing the damage gives you an idea of what you may need to replace and the cost of the cigarette removal treatments you may need.

3. Use an Ozone Generator

An ozone generator is one of the best ways to get rid of odors. An ozone generator works well because the airflow is able to travel the same path as the tobacco smoke, meaning it can oxidize odors in smaller spaces of your home, such as vents and cracks you cannot reach. You can run an ozone generator for a few hours up to a few days, depending on the severity of the damage.

When it comes to home deodorization in Cleveland, TN you may find that cigarette odors are one of the most common household problems that specialists have to face. Reach out to them for the best restoration results. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How to Prepare When a Storm Is in the Forecast

1/19/2018 (Permalink)

You should know well in advance when a storm is going to blow through Hopewell, TN.

While there is only so much you can do to prepare and protect your home, you should still take action to do everything possible to prevent flood water from entering your abode and water damage from harming your property, because a completely flooded building is the last thing you need to deal with.

1. Learn How to Shut Off Electrical and Water Supply

If you do not currently know where your circuit breaker and water main are located, then you need to find them on your property. You should turn off the power if your block experiences a power outage. You want to shut everything off because in the event power is restored, the sudden burst of energy could overload the system, resulting in significant damage to electrical appliances. You should also turn off all utilities right before you have to evacuate, if necessary.

2. Relocate Valuables

Keep any precious heirlooms out of the basement, which is most susceptible to flood water. You also want to keep valuables away from doors and windows, because they are entry points by which water or winds can enter.

3. Trim Trees

When you have several weeks’ notice of an oncoming storm in Hopewell, TN, you should consider hiring a professional service to trim and prune trees that are too close to your home. A diseased tree or weakened branches can break off and strike a building.

4. Move Lawn Accessories Outside

With strong enough winds, outdoor ornaments and furniture can become projectiles. Move them inside for the time being, or secure them outside by using a bungee cord or cable.

5. Maintain Gutters

Your home’s gutters help keep flood water away from the siding and foundation of your house. Remove leaves and other debris from them regularly so water does not become impeded.

Top 3 Things To Do After Your Home Floods

1/19/2018 (Permalink)

A house flood in Cleveland, TN, can happen out of nowhere.

Whether the cause is broken pipes or heavy rains, recovering from this household disaster requires lots of work. The biggest issue you face is water damage. It wreaks havoc on everything from carpets to furniture. Getting your life back in order requires a major water cleanup. There are steps you can take to make this process run smoothly.

1. Turn Off the Power

Entering a home post-flood has potential risks. The combination of water and electricity can result in serious injury. So, shutting off the power is needed for your safety. It’s best that you have an electrician do this for you. However, you can do it yourself as long as the power source you’re turning off isn’t wet or located in standing water. Make sure you wear gloves and rubber boots for additional protection.

2. Call Your Insurance Agent

Your homeowners policy may help cover the cost of the water damage. A claims adjuster will come to your home and assess the damages. Before the adjuster arrives, have before and after photos of your belongings. This helps the insurance company determine the cost of damages. Additionally, the agency may recommend a repair and restoration company to help return your home to its pre-flood condition.

3. Start Cleaning Up

Wet items must be dealt with immediately. Excessive moisture in your home can lead to mold and mildew. Remove your valuables from the water and let them air dry. Porous items such as pillows, box springs and mattresses are usually thrown away because they hold lots of water. Professional restoration services handle major projects like removing flooring, insulation and drywall.

Broken pipes, floods and water damage can turn your life upside down. By taking the right steps you can return things back to normal. One of the most important things you can do is to have trained remediation technicians in Cleveland, TN, assist you with the water cleanup.

How to Clean Up Commercial Water Damage

1/19/2018 (Permalink)

No matter how well-prepared you are, there’s always a chance that extreme weather, mechanical failures, or other problems you can not foresee can lead to water damage. When that happens, the important thing is to respond promptly. Water cleanup and repair for broken pipes are both simpler when they are seen to promptly. That means your place of business needs a plan for facilities maintenance that includes clear lines of communication about emergencies.

Tips For Your Emergency Plan

When a situation involves damage from water in Charleston, TN, it’s important to remember that the quantity of water exposure and the length of time the exposure persists are both factors in the kind of damage that will need to be repaired. Here are five tips that will help you and your team respond faster when there’s an emergency.

  1. Find a restoration company with commercial water damage certification and make sure the contact number is in your emergency preparedness folder.
  2. Contact your insurance company to make sure you understand what damage is covered and whether your preferred restoration company works with them directly.
  3. Identify the locations of water main controls and include shutoff instructions in your plan folder.
  4. Construct a chain of command for disaster notification and management within your workplace and include that in the folder so each employee understands who to contact and in what order.

Damage Cleanup

It’s important to remember that cleanup might affect your ability to resume normal operations under certain circumstances. If that happens, it is also good to have a contingency plan that will help your company keep operations as normalized as possible until the entire building is accessible again. Understanding where your greatest risks of damage come from and identifying the most likely areas of the building to be affected can help with that a lot.

Water damage in Charleston, TN is both serious and largely preventable. Reacting quickly to an emergency and turning off the water supply until damage cleanup is effected is the key.

5 Reasons to Choose Professional Fire Damage Restoration

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

5 Reasons to Choose Professional Fire Damage Restoration

If there has been a fire in a home, homeowners are often at a loss of how to deal with the fire cleanup. If there has been a fire in a business, owners don't know how to board up and overcome the smoke smell. There are issues regardless of whether it's residential or commercial fire damage.

There are many reasons for choosing to call a professional restoration company. Experts in fire damage restoration will make short work of identifying the damage and creating a plan to get everything fixed.

There's a Lot of Cleanup

Many people don't realize the amount of fire cleanup that happens after there has been a fire in a home or a fire in a business. There's a strong smoke smell and there might be a lot of soot damage and smoke damage hiding behind some of the obvious damage.

Additionally, the fire cleanup involves a variety of steps. The first is to board up. The reason to board up is to ensure that there is some security on the building while the restoration company deals with the residential or commercial fire damage.

Identifying Damage

The amount of smoke damage and soot damage has to be identified. After there has been a fire in a business or a fire in a home, there might be water, foam, or other materials everywhere. This is because of the method used to put the fire out. Without cleaning up first, it's impossible to know the level of fire damage.

Once all of the damaged items are removed, it's easier to see what has been burnt, broken, or otherwise affected by smoke damage. It will also be easier to address any lingering smoke smell that is inside the building.

Often, the board up keeps the smoke smell inside. This means that getting rid of the damaged items will make it easier to get one step closer to getting the building back to the way it was.

Additionally, if there is an insurance claim to be made, it's critical that residential or commercial fire damage be properly documented. This is something that a professional restoration company can do on behalf of the home or business owner.

Insurance Needs Documentation

All of the documentation has to be made before the board up and before the fire cleanup. Depending on the insurance company, this will be done by fire damage professionals or by the individual insurance adjuster. Either way, there will need to be documentation of soot damage, smoke damage, and everything else.

Various Repairs Will Need to Be Done

A lot of work goes into dealing with fire damage. The plan for fire damage restoration will involve getting rid of soot damage, replacing materials that were torn out during cleanup, and much more.

If cabinets were burnt, they will need to be rebuilt. If drywall was damaged, it will need to be rebuilt. The list of repairs will vary with every fire in a home and with every fire in a business.

Most repairs will involve a lot of work, making it harder for an owner to deal with on their own. It's why it's beneficial to call in professionals to deal with residential or commercial fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Have the Expertise

There's something to be said about wanting to make sure that a home or business gets the rebuild and repairs needed to overcome fire damage. Not everyone has the expertise to handle fire damage restoration because it encompasses so many areas.

A professional restoration company will have the tools and know-how to deal with fire damage effectively. By calling in the pros, it will make it easier to know that all of the work is being done properly and in an efficient manner.
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Why Seeking Professional Help is a Must When it comes to Storm Damage

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Why Seeking Professional Help is a Must When it comes to Storm Damage

Damages due to natural calamities such as flooding from storms are unpreventable but can be controlled. People affected by any of these calamities should seek professional help to restore their homes. The attempts to recover from the effects of these natural disasters include processes such as home restoration, roof repair and water extraction.

Any home hit by a storm suffers significant losses and sometimes the loss of the entire building. River flooding could result in the whole house submerging. It is crucial that the owner seeks the help of experts for home restoration. Professionals have the right equipment and skills required to deal with issues of flooding. They also follow specific steps to ensure safety after storm damage.

Professionals are essential because they follow strict procedures. They first assess the extent of damage caused by the storm. They then evaluate the safety of the building before they start the processes and evacuate residents to prevent accidents due to roof damages. A flood pump should be used to remove standing water. The process of home restoration includes clearing out objects washed into the building by flood water or blown in by the wind such as tree branches and leaves.

The team then proceeds to carry out roof repair in case of roof damage and roof leaks. They ensure furniture and other household appliances are dry and free of contamination. Household appliances can also be treated to prevent molding where flooding occurred. Experts can also repair walls and fences that might have suffered wind damage.

A series of processes that require precision are involved in Storm restoration and storm remediation. Therefore, including a team of professionals is vital. Using do it yourself methods in storm damage removal could result in further damage and accidents that may cause harm to the people involved.
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What Should I do if I Have a Flooded Home?

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

What Should I do if I Have a Flooded Home?

Flood damage isn't something most homeowners want to think about. When you choose your house, you want a place that's in a safe neighborhood. You want something affordable. You want something that's in good condition. Chances are you aren't thinking, "Will my house ever require water cleanup?" You aren't thinking, "What if my home experiences flood damage?"

Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves asking these very questions when they experience water in home. Water in home can occur after a period of high rain that leads to a flooded home requiring drying. Water in home can also happen if the house experiences a pipe break. A pipe break may seem like a simple thing, but it can lead to water in home or water in business and requires a restoration company to assist in water cleanup.

If you find that you have water in business or a flooded home, the first thing to remember is to stay calm. Never panic. A water cleanup crew can help with restoration and drying. Even if you're worried about severe water damage, try not to worry or panic. The right restoration company will help minimize the water damage to your house and will be able to work with you on drying and mitigation.

Next, assess the water damage. Can you determine what has caused the water damage to your house? Did you have a pipe break? Is it possible there was a supply line break? Restoration, water cleanup, and drying will need to be done to repair your home, but it's important that you give the restoration company as much information as possible when you contact them about your flooded home. If the water in business was caused by external flooding, rather than a supply line break, the way the restoration company proceeds with the water cleanup will be different.

Reach out to a mitigation and restoration organization to schedule water cleanup for your water in business. The sooner you start with the restoration and mitigation, the sooner you can avoid future flood damage to your house. Mitigation will help prevent flood damage from occurring again, but you need to get started on this right away. Never wait. If you experience a supply line break or a pipe break, contact a professional immediately who can work with you to repair your home.

Finally, make sure you follow the professional's advice exactly. If repair personnel recommend a specific treatment for the supply line break, you need to follow their advice. This will help minimize damage to your home in the future. Many homeowners are nervous about dealing with flooding and water damage, so they simply try to avoid facing the issue. This can lead to other problems, which makes it even more imperative that you face these issues head on.

The truth is that no matter how much you plan for flood damage, you can never be completely prepared. Maybe your area experiences a higher level of rain than usual or a surprise tropical storm. Perhaps your pipes freeze in the winter and burst, leading to internal flooding. The most important and valuable thing you can do is to face the issue head-on when it occurs. Don't let water damage destroy your family's home or your business. Instead, talk to a company that can help guide you through the process of restoring your home to its original beauty. This could include drying, roof repair, and even siding repair. Appropriate repairs will help minimize future damage to your home and will make you feel safe and content in your house once more. Visit for more information on water damage.