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What to do when you find Mold in Your Home in Cleveland, TN

3/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Damage on a Wall in Cleveland, TN

Living in the beautiful state of Tennessee is one of life’s blessings, especially in the area of Bradley County. With year-round pleasant weather, amazing outdoor activities, attractions, and entertainment offering in abundance and so much rich and diverse history, living in the volunteer state can’t be beat. Of course, there are just with anywhere, a few small downsides that come with all of the great things about the state. One of those is the warm, damp climate of the winter and the hot humid climate of the summer. The presence of so much moisture in the air makes the problem of mold in the home a serious one.

Mold and other fungal growths are a type of naturally occurring microbial plant life. While mildew is an annoyance, unsightly to look at, and can be unpleasant to smell, mold can be dangerous to one’s health. This problem can be caused by spores that get into a person’s home via open windows, foot traffic, plants and flowers that are brought in from outside, or even HVAC vents. In most cases, the spores do not survive long enough to take hold, but in rare instances, they find their way into the dark, warm, damp spaces of homes and businesses where they thrive.

Once a structure has an infestation, it can spread quickly. The fungus can take many forms, but the black variety is the most dangerous, causing significant structural damage due to the rotting of wood, plaster, and other porous materials, as well as significant health problems including lung damage and even death. Most homeowners do not even know the level of risk that they are living with. Most fungal infestations and microbial growth problems are discovered either during a home inspection (as required by state law for just such an issue as this) or during renovations or remodeling of the structure.

Mildew growth is more commonly discovered by the homeowner in spaces such as the basement or the bathroom, and can usually be addressed with the use of a simple bleach based cleaner, but for more serious issues professional assistance is not only needed but is the law. It should also be noted that if the homeowner is seeing a great deal of mildew on a regular basis, this can be an indicator or more serious problems elsewhere in the structure and an inspection by a certified environmental hygienist is warranted. Once it has been discovered in a home or business, action should be taken immediately to address the problem. You may not know where to start, however.

The good news is that addressing the problem of mold cleanup is as simple as making a call to a local Cleveland, TN environmental hygienist. These experts in remediation, can come into the home or business and address the microbial growth issues that are present quickly and effectively. They will use a range of proven techniques to rid the home of the infestation, and then show the homeowner how to stop it dead in its tracks in the future. This two-step process of abatement and future prevention is essential to the home or business being healthy for the long run. An environmental hygienist can not only inspect the home for issues such as microbial growth of fungus, but other possibly dangerous pollutants as well, including dust mites, allergens, and more. Mold cleanup must be performed by a licensed and experienced provider in order to make sure that the problem does not get worse. The spreading of spores throughout the home by improper cleanup attempts can not only cause the risk of health dangers to get worse, but can lead to an even more expensive remediation process down the line.

There are several highly qualified and experienced fungal abatement providers in Cleveland, TN who serve the greater Bradley County area. They would be happy to perform inspections, point out any possible concerns, go over abatement plans, and discuss how to prevent the problem from ever coming back once it has been eliminated.

Living in the great state of Tennessee has a lot of wonderful benefits, but dealing with the issue of home mold cleanup, can be a chore due to the damp winters and humid summers. In Cleveland, TN and the greater Bradley county area you have a range of choices for your fungal abatement needs. Choose the remediation provider that is best for your needs and take comfort in knowing that your home is once again healthy. Visit http://www.SERVPRObradleycounty.com for more information on mold removal and remediation.

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